Sunday, 28 July 2013

On the road to the South

Further travelling today ! I am sitting in my second favourite Costa just near Leeds on the M1. This one is spacious and airy and has a whole area of leather arm chairs hidden away down a flight of stairs. All the more noisy folk sit at tables upstairs and we pensioners and an odd quiet young person, ie the chap nearest to me, are the only inhabitants of this sequestered place.

I feel much recovered now. A few days at Littlebeck is rejuvenating for body and mind, and a couple of Whitby crab salads and electrically controlled recliner sofas is enough for even the most tired and grumpy middle aged woman feel sprightly !

I had a lovely email from the lady in the USA who made all the dresses. I sent her an email with half a dozen pictures about which she was delighted. I am not sure if they have made for a theatrical show before, but I would certainly go with them again if we needed that type of dress ! Well done April !

A Costa with a View

The feedback still keeps coming in, and Pirates seems to have been a rip roaring success, folk are bubbling over with praise. I know the show is a particularly good audience event, but even so, my loyal and talented Inner Sound team seem to have surpassed themselves.

I just had a call from my excited grandaughter C, who said she was counting the hours until I arrived this evening. It's always good to know someone loves you !

On the road again............


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