Wednesday, 31 July 2013


First full day on the Norfolk Broads. It is a very interesting experience and the pace of the waterways is very peaceful and a kind of slow motion life ! We went to bed late and the children were completely wed out by the time it was dark.

We have pottered today along the river Ant and made it to a small village called Wroxham. We decided to turn tail and retrace our nautical steps as there was a medieaval bridge under which we would have had to navigate. Sara and George decided neither of them wanted the responsibility so we are now paddling along back the way we came looking for a pub at which we can moor up and go for Sara's birthday meal.

We are self catering for the whole week, but I felt a meal without washing up, and being squashed in a galley kitchen just big enough for a family of u undernourished dormice, would be the finest of treats !

We have had a few chocolate rushes today, and some killing of Seanmhair (Gaelic for Granny!), which were the result of a small amount of cabin fever combined with too much fruit squash. As yet nothing which has led to tears !

The sun is coming out, and the evening promises to be perfect weather for a lazy time on the small forward area of the barge which W calls the balcony !

Wishful thinking ....................

Last night's sunset


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