Saturday, 7 September 2013

A young star moves on to big (if scary) things !

My lovely young teenage beginners are proving a delight. Each of the three is keen, bubbly and hungry to learn. How gratifying is that, especially since I lost young R this term. I have taught her since she was 8, and now, at the grand age of 16 she has won a huge music and academic scholarship to Seaford College in the south of England, as well as a place at my old alma mater, the Junior Royal Academy of Music. What a success story we have. She has proved her worth both in an academic way as well as a vocal way, and thoroughly deserves her places at these August institutions !

Inner Sound is very sad to lose such a beautiful voice, but extremely proud of her achievements, and wishes her well in every way for her exciting new future!

She will find it all so tough at first, I know, starting a 'new' anything is hard and always worrying, but when she has fought her way through the first few weeks, found her feet and made some friends, she will have the most amazing couple of years at boarding school.

She has so many exciting things to look forward to, choir tours, history tours, extensive grounds, extra curricula stuff from chess to tai chi, and theatre, opera and concert visits! The JRAM will offer the chance to work with and make music with the finest musicians in the UK, and perform in the truly beautiful and majestic Dukes Hall and the streamlined and classy Recital Hall. She will be surrounded by youngsters who are fired up and dedicated, and each students own enthusiasm is infectious and rubs off on each other.

Exciting times ahead, and well done that girl !

It's proud I am !

Playing Lady Ella in Patience (left of Lady Jane!)

Playing Edith in Pirates this year


Seaford College and its beautiful grounds

Royal Academy of Music London


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