Saturday, 14 September 2013

Not quite the weekend from Heaven

Not quite the time away I was expecting ! Due to storms and hill slides close to the Abbey on the escarpment I spent four hours trying to get to the sisters, having already driven from Paradise for 10 hours, and no matter how hard I tried I could not find a way up the moor.

Lost on the Yorkshire Moors in pitch black, and with no phone signal at all, in desperation I put my sat nav on and told it to take me another hour away to my lovely friend J at Littlebeck.

She took in a poor wayfarin stranger who was at the point of tears and collapse at around 10.30pm, having set off from Paradise at 8 am.........

I was not in any state to teach the next day, and to my eternal relief when J rang the Benedictines the next morning, they were, as I hoped full of sympathy and horror at my nightmare excursion. Dear J then proceeded to give me two days of rest and recuperation and wonderful food.

In all honesty this has rather shaken me up, and I still feel a tad wobbly, but am almost home and ready to have a very quiet day tomorrow in readiness for a weeks' teaching.




The sort of weather which caused the road slips which caused my nightmare journey, pics of Whitby and Saltburn a few days ago !

Whitby Abbey cliff slide
Two pictures of Saltburn - unrecognisable !

For those of you who know these places, it is very shocking, and one can see the damage North Yorkshire has taken, and why my trip was so impossible!


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