Sunday, 19 January 2014

Va Pensiero from Nabucco and too many sharps !

I found an online copy of the Slave's Chorus from Nabucco this week and decided it would be great for us to do at the concert. It is hugely long in terms of pages, about 11 I think, but in actuality that is only two vocal lines per page, so not long in terms of minutes of singing ? It is such a big sweeping melody full of Verdi majesticism ( if there is such a word!). I remember being part of a very big choir when I was about 16 and being completely swept away by the rolling tunes. It is so wonderfully singable.

The snag, and there always is one, is that they will have to sing it in Italian - I won't let them butcher the sense of Verdi opera by singing it in English ! I am bracing myself for the complaints and the huffings and puffings from my stalwarts when they realise the enormity of this task ! The tune is simple, the Italian not quite so simple ! Ha Ha !

The second ( and quite sizable) snag is that it is in six sharps...........all my busking and chording skills will have to come to the fore so I can play around the accompaniment and manage all the E sharps !! What a pianistic nightmare that will be.

So you see, all my singers who will by Tuesday next think the task is a monumental one, think of your poor old teacher at the ivories, buried up to the neck in six thousand sharps !!



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