Friday, 14 February 2014

I Want to sing in Opera

It's been an upsy downsy week, and apologies for the long silence ! I have just been up to my ears in teaching and rehearsing for tonight's concert, and as I get older my recovery time gets longer !

As we have been building to tonight there have been some very satisfying lessons and some real progress amongst my pupils. The tinies are now poised for stunning little performances and J who is a very talented little personality and will sing her first solo tonight. This is always an unknown quantity, a first time, one always takes a risk putting a youngster up there in the limelight. I like to think that I am quite good at judging when the time is right so it will be a confidence booster and not a confidence destroyer. Most of the time, I am pleased to say, it is the right time, so then it is a breeze to build on that success and suddenly we are on a roll !

There has been a lot of snow on the east side of the county, so for a few days it has been a worry that my students L who is off to the Guildhall in Septmber, and his sister N, might not be able to get here - but with fingers firmly crossed it seems the weather has lessened and I think they are now on their way !

The young girls are singing a wonderfully funny piece to end the first half, an old music hall number called 'I Want to Sing in Opera'. It is a jolly little song with some solo lines from the older girls, and a chorus which has the lyrics

I want to sing in opera

I've got that kind of voice.

I'd always sing in opera

If I could have my choice.

Signor Caruso told me I ought to do so,

That's why I want to sing in op op op opera Hurrah !!

They are wearing copious amounts of bling, tiaras, gloves, vibrantly coloured feather boas and elbow length gloves. They are having a ball, and at the last rehearsal the scenario descended into small diva ish fist fights as well as excited vying for the front ! Some of the girls are so used to doing 'funny' on stage they positively push the newer and more shy girls into action. They also manage to do the truly professional thing in that if the audience react, they take it further and play to the gallery !

I think I have bred theatrical monsters !

I am off at 3,30am this morning to the airport and thence to Grange over Sands to revisit the lovely sisters and Boarbank Hall, so I will update about the concert when I am peacefully ensconced in said Convent !


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