Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saying Goodbye in the rain !

Yesterday we were a part of our friend Annabel's funeral. It was a beautiful service, gentle and quiet, much like Annabel, and full of beautiful flowers. The 'Ladies' from Inner Sound sang so well. Her husband had asked for some music so we decided upon the Welsh Lullaby Suo Gan, which we sang at the last concert. The loveliest thing, was that when we sang it in the concert Annabel was with us, so it seemed the perfect choice.

We did have a small hitch when the chap in charge of technology turned on the CD before we were even standing in place. I signalled to stop, but instead of turning off and starting again he merely turned it down then when I signalled 'go' he merely turned it back up ! So we had to wait until a place we could jump in, which was halfway through the first verse !

We went to the buffet at a local hotel after the service, enjoying the hundreds of photographs which Chris, Annabel's husband had laid on each table, and had a quiet gossip with all the folk there and at about 5.30pm we decided it was time to go home. Everything was going swimmingly until a mild jolt within the car, and lo and behold we had hit a nail and had a puncture !

The AA garage man finally arrived a good hour and a half later, and with the cheeriest of chatting he changed the wheel in the twinkle of an eye, and all in rain which was falling in sheets around and upon us, and him ! Poor Pam had volunteered to drive four of us in her car not expecting such drama !

I for one, had expected any drama to have been during the emotions of the afternoon.........but no ! We said our goodbyes to Annabel in a most memorable way.

A quiet weekend for me before next week's enslaught, and the restart of term. The next thing is a raft of exams, looming up on a June 14th, almost exactly a month, so musical skates on I think !

No rest for the wet and weary wicked !


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