Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Mikado - coming to your town very soon!

I suddenly realised that we have only six weeks left to The Mikado. Where does the time go. We seem to have started early, but not got onto the floor until quite recently. It is great that L is doing all the choreography so after a half hour of singing I can sit back and become the rehearsal pianist - that is, until tonight! Suddenly I am hurled back to the stressful way of rehearsing, singing in almost all of the roles, and trying in vain to remember someone else's moves !

The good thing is, it only serves to remind me that I can't do these things alone anymore, and when I am back in that place it hits me like a brick !

It is going well and folk are working hard and the dancing is really effective, and more adventurous than ever I could do, even if I had 52 weeks of rehearsal ! We have a great group of youngsters and two excellent boys who add enormously to the overall picture. The stage is busy, and the big musical moments are exciting. The singing is brilliant, and when everyone knows their lines fully it will be a wall of resonant and vibrant sound.

The costumes are beginning to arrive in the post, and folk are really throwing themselves into the whole 1930's feel. Having done the show before a goodly number of singers do know it, they just need to 'wake up' and smell the roses ! It is much harder when our Katisha is on holiday in Iceland, our Nanki Poo is off colour and has to be at work at the crack of dawn, our Yum Yum is called away for an extra days filming - she has a role in the up coming movie 'The Fairy Flag', and our Ko Ko is singing Colline in Boheme in Italy !

All wonderful reasons not to be at the rehearsal, but it hits my voice very hard, and makes me feel as though I am suffering from a serious case of split personality !

As you can see we have an enormously talented cast, but boy, I would dearly love to send them a 1930 vintage seaside postcard saying .......'wish you were here' !

Juggling all the Mikado vocal balls !!


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