Saturday, 16 August 2014

Annabel's Day

We had a lovely short concert this afternoon. It was a day organised by Chris, the husband of our Inner Sound member Annabel, who sadly passed away earlier in the year. This was not meant to be a repeat of the darker musical moments at her funeral, but a joyful time full of good food, good friends and good music !

We put together 30 mins of song which reflected the last concert at which Annabel was a singer, and even though there were only around a dozen singers available, they did me proud ! It was informal, happy and fun as well as requiring some small amount of concentration for the part songs. I also broke my life rule in teaching, and let the singers use files with music in them. For 12 singers to sing the Verdi Va Pensiero from Nabucco was a big ask, so I felt the security of having the Italian text was a judicious move !

All the choral pieces were very good, and the sound rang around the Ardvaser Village Hall which delighted me. Naomi gave us her beautiful old chestnut 'Fly Home Little Heart' by Novello, and brought tears to many of the eyes of the listeners, and Laurie gave his final pre Conservetoire Skye performance, singing a decisive 'The Vagabond' by VW. Morag and Pam sang a lovely 'Evening Prayer' from Hansel and Gretel but Humperdinck, and even given a few lost words, it was a beautifully controlled performance.

We had a super flute solo and a Durufle Requiem aria performed by two of Annabel's god daughters, which were delightful, and it was so appropriate that they joined in the performance.

All in all, a fitting and quietly pleasing way to remember Annabel. The spread was typically Highland - delicious cakes and pastries, non of which I could eat, so I cheated rather and took some of the rolls and surreptitiously removed the tuna and ham fillings and enjoyed eating that along with some excellent Skye Salmon pate !

Thanks to everyone who could make it, and be pleased with the way you performed. Sometimes, doing these things for reasons other than 'applause', makes for great and memorable occasion.

Annabel and friends after a concert.

Below, today after the music stopped !

Naomi and Naomi - same birthday, same name.........will the tiny one become the singer her namesake is ?

(Daughter of a god daughter....)


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