Thursday, 4 September 2014

End of this era, beginning of the next !

It is the end of the first week of the new academic year, which is always full of surprises, joys and loss, all stirred together like a cake mix. This term I have lost my young Bass L, who will go off to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama next week, and fly the sheltered and very lovely musical nest he has been such a large part of for the last 11 years. One watches these youngsters grow from raw beginner, to talented teen and thence on to aspirant professional.

The journey is long, hard and sweaty as well as full of wonder and musical treats along the way, yet when the young person finally leaves, thus achieving what we both have worked for over the years, there is an enormous hole left both musically and personally.

The best thing a teacher can do is to train a pupil to leave. To stand on their own feet and compete in the fearsome world of professional classical music. It is a true but sad fact. I want them to be good enough to go, but I don't actually want them to go - a catch 22 situation which I have revisited far too many times in my career !

Some students, one never hears from again, they walk out of the door and say a fond farewell and that is the last one ever sees of them, but I am very happy and honoured to say that the vast majority in my teaching life keep in touch, come back for social visits, imput of a more professional kind and even a bed for the night !

It is a great job. A great job that is full of goodbyes, and those farewells are always at precisely the moment when the real thing is about to emerge like a butterfly...............

Good luck Laurie, have a ball, I know you I'll do everything you can to make both me, and Inner Sound very proud. We'll miss you.




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