Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hugh Roberton and a big smile !

What an interesting Thursday ! A lady whose daughter I teach came along to 'have a go' and it turns out she has a large and warm mezzo voice, which previously she was terrified to use - Result ! Then Fiona M arrived quite flustered and somewhat emotional about the Scots big decision day, but the moment she started singing all the worry fell away, as quite clearly she has cracked the whole abdominal support 'thing' and was singing like a dream with strong phrases as long as the M74 ! She left with an enormous grin across her face, and clearly walking on air !

My new little chap J came, fired up and eager to sing me his L'il Liza Jane. He sang confidently and with a warm and rather husky tone which was delightful. Small boys make me smile ( except when they make me growl!!!) and he certainly brought the Fiona broad grin to my face.

H picked up the Bass part of his new piano duet so quickly it was quite astonishing. He finds reading the notes frustrating and somewhat boring, but his ability to memorise is quite remarkable. The MicroJazz Piano Duet books are great, and hopefully he and M will delight us with Biker Blues at the next big concert! He is a pleasure to teach, and now he has returned to singing lessons his duel musicianship begins to shine through. Then S came and sang so very beautifully I felt compelled to say to her just how very talented she is. It is many a year since I saw such a thrilled and glowing blush on young cheeks. It is her poetic feel for words which gives me goose pimples !


The day ended well with J singing again her Alto part in that gold standard duet 'All in the April Evening' by Hugh Roberton. It never palls, however many times I hear and teach it. It has a magical quality, and a profound message of hope. J excelled herself and was my final broad grin of the day !

I was quite glad of a longer than normal teaching Thursday. It allowed my mind to be distracted from the difficulties of the day, and the worries of the consequences, whatever the outcome.

Thanks guys !


Best Broad Grin of the Day !


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