Friday, 9 January 2015

Emerging Tenors and Atlantic storms !


Here we all are, post Atlantic Storm Nathan ( the culprit's name, so I am reliably told), in darkness, without electricity, wifi, hot water or central heating as well as no mobile phone signal. There was the most truly wild storm last night, so the schools and the shops had already decided to close for the duration, and the aftermath. My bedroom shook and the velux window on the landing rattled like a bag of slightly cross skeletons. In that sort of elemental weather one can only batten down the hatches and hide under the duvet !

Fortunately I have the luxury of a wood burning stove and a gas cooker which will happily light with a match, so I have been in the cosy position of keeping warm, and still having hot drinks always on tap ! I write this in the hopes that in the not too distant days I will be able to post it !


Warmest spot in the house !


Thank goodness Thursday evening is the end of my teaching week - as I have a Clavinova, the lack of some sparky wires fit and well and working, means that obviously there is no musical accompaniment available, and more importantly no heating. Thursday was a particularly long day with the addition of an extra lesson left over from the week, so I was quite tired by 7.30ish when I finally came to a vocal halt.

My relatively new young Dutchman who is climbing fast towards a full tenor voice voice had a great lesson. Moving from baritone into the heady echelons of tenor is a massive learning curve, and a tricky transition, but today we had a break through. He had rather got stuck at a top G, not yet able to find the 'super head' register and fly above said note. I firmly believe it is all about visualisation and thought which makes the physical equipment respond in the way we want it too, but E had no experience of a further vocal register, so finding it is as tricky as a youthful counter tenor finding his baritone or bass voice. It is a great leap of faith, but today by thinking of a different and higher approach, combined with lightening and lifting the forehead it happened. No strain, no pushing from underneath, just an almost magical lift over the top of the passagio join. He was like a gleeful 10 year old, he almost jumped for joy and could not stop smiling........


That is what I call a RESULT !

A lovely PS Thank you so much Morag's sister Barbara in Canada - I received a glorious bouquet of congratulatory flowers today. I was so very touched by the flora and the message.


Flowers by candlelight !


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