Monday, 9 March 2015

Chinese Tea Ceremony and peace.

I have an afternoon free so I have come with five other colleagues to the Buddha on Lantau Island. It is the first gloriously sunny day so the views up the cable car are utterly wonderful. We had the Crystal Cabin which essentially means the VIP one with the glass floor ! Actually 1000's of metres above the ground with a glass floor is quite scary !

Feet of the adjudicators - a little juvenile fun after all the hard work !


When I came in 2013 with my daughter we did the Buddha trip so this time I let the others go up to the statue and I remained in the village to experience a tea ceremony !

Black Rose Tea served by a silent Chinese girl with the running stream just out of the window next to my table, and surrounded by traditional instruments combined with the aroma of the most delicately fragranced tea, is almost intoxicating. All the intensity of the week is washed away and I feel as if I am human again.


She quietly boiled the water, collected all the vessels and warmed the lidless pot then transferred the actual tea to various tiny jugs before leaving me to enjoy this gorgeous moment. The photos show the equipment and the end result. There was enough for around five or six of the tiny teacups, each cupful becoming slightly more fragrant.



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