Wednesday, 4 March 2015

In The Highlands - of all songs I could be adjudicating !

What a worrying morning ! My driver ( who spoke no English at all) dropped me off at a cross roads in the middle of nowhere in the Western New Territories ! I was armed only with the booklet telling us where the venue was, and instructed to show the Chinese characters to any by passer ?! Well the only by passers looked very ancient and clearly thought I was a visiting alien from Planet West and so were unable to help.

I was beginning to panic, not only about the work I was employed to do, but also as to how I would ever return to Gloucester Road HK Island within the next couple of days ! I wandered around like a helpless tourist in a particularly non tourist sort of environment, with my pink sheets flapping in the gentle breeze until I spied a lady who looked under 50 and perhaps might have a smattering of English.......she did, thank the Lord, and although she had no idea where the venue was, she had, she said, spotted what looked like some parents with tiny tots who were dressed up for singing ! How perceptive was that ?

She and I trecked around a large concrete building searching for the Kwai Chung Church Assembly Hall, and eventually came to a back entrance which in all honesty looked like the area where bins may have been put out ! It was indeed the right place though, so with great relief I thanked my Chinese Guardian Angel and made it to the hall just a little flummoxed and a little warm !

My lovely assistant agreed that it was a devil to find, and she walked around the large footprint of the building three times before getting in, so I did not feel such an idiot ! She brought me the most restorative cup of Jasmine tea and the morning began to look 100% brighter !

The tiny tots once more restore my faith in the HK system and I was off.....

Return after lunch, and another unasked for cup of Jasmine tea and I am ready to face a mountain climbing afternoon of 34 16 and under girls singing 'In the Highlands' ! How odd is that ? The poem by Robert Louis Stevenson is set by a number of composers of which Graham Peel is one. I will tell all the assembled teachers, students and parents that this song describes exactly where I live, and hope some of them will understand ! I may even succumb to showing anyone who wants to see some photos of Paradise and the mainland !

PS hoping the car knows where to pick me up...........It didn't so I waited over an hour.

Exhausted of Hong Kong.


In the Highlands, in the lonely places.......

(Little bit of home)


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