Thursday, 21 May 2015

Boys will be boys !

I still have a little residual soreness in my ears, but it is improving each day, and today teaching was not quite such a shock to the said 'drums' ! My young tenor E, had very good lesson today, he is singing some wonderful Schubert including the glorious Ganymed, surely one of his finest songs. Being Dutch, E has a fine command of the German language, many sounds are the same, and his understanding of the text is very very finely honed. He is a very dedicated pupil and I have a feeling he probably always has been. He thrives on success and pushes himself to achieve perfection at every turn. In fairness he is quite unusual in his work ethic..............

Little J however had to be given a bit of a push on the practising front ! At 10 years old he is very very enthusiastic, but very short on concentration ! He is such a nice little chap, bright and full of the joys of spring, confident and capable, but like all boys I have ever taught, committing his brain to learning is not top on his list of 'exciting things in my life!' So today Miss L brought out the big guns and threatened to remove him from the show if his learning did not improve ( bearing in mind he had forgotten his music to add insult to injury!), this threat had the desired effect and in about 5 seconds flat we suddenly got the soldier stand, the brain cogs turning and the fear of losing the good bits of his singing life !

I love a bit of bribery and corruption !

I am off to masterclass in Lochgilphead tomorrow, and I am very much looking forward to working with all those talented and enthusiastic teens whom I heard at the Mid Argyll Festival in April. What a joyful days work.

Arleen Auger sings "Ganymed" by Schubert, with Katja Phillabaum, piano - YouTube

Have a listen to this beautiful recording of Schubert's 'Ganymed'

This is final section in translation, and the melody so wonderfully describes the flight of the beautiful boy to the heavens to become the cup bearer to the gods.....

........Up, up, lies my course.
While downward the clouds
Are hovering, the clouds
Are bending to meet yearning love.
For me,
Within thine arms
Embraced and embracing!
Upwards into thy bosom,
Oh Father all-loving!



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