Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Journey Begins

Wednesday June 24th 1pm in Chichester having lunch...a very starch and sugar free English brunch....see below !


The journey begins today.....I packed my case complete with outfit this morning, carefully keeping all three hats for the female party members in a separate bag so they can be carried on the train unsquashed ! The children's cases are packed and comfortable travelling clothes laid out ready for the journey. Cecilia, Wilson and myself are leaving on the 4.23 train from Pulborough to Victoria, then cabbing to the hotel which is in Covent Garden. Sara has to finish choir practise and some exams today so will train to town later this evening and meet us at the hotel.

The plan For this evening, ( as the weather is 21 degrees and getting hotter at the moment) is for Seanmhair and grandchildren to have supper al fresco in a cafe at Covent Garden, preferably in the shade ! I need to be very well behaved food wise as last night, after a weekend at Littlebeck and a dinner in a local restaurant, my sugar number was sky high !

We had a fashion show last night, and all the outfits look fit for meeting a member of the Monarchy, and over dinner I was given a beautiful pearl droplet necklace to 'mark the occasion of my MBE' quote a well drilled 8 year old boy !

Update to follow.

Cases at the ready !

British Rail journey !


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