Saturday, 21 November 2015

A 'Special Moments' Winter Concert

We had our Inner Sound Winter Concert last night. The weather has turned chilly and snowy, so just in time I think ! We have had to cancel so many Christmas Concerts over the years that we have given up on anything after mid November as a viable option. In this part of the world folk travel so far to rehearsals it becomes impossible if the snow is falling, the gales are blowing or the rain is hammering. All of those scenarios are very likely this far north of Watford !

The concert went very well indeed, and I was so proud of all the singers. In many ways there were some very special moments in this particular concert. All the ladies who are taking recital exams aired some of their pieces, so embedding the song in a different and secure place, and they all exceeded expectations and performed with class and panache ! The younger exam candidates did exactly the same, outing their songs and being hugely applauded in the process - always a big plus !

A small J performed so beautifully and with real confidence having had a minor hiccup at the last concert, losing her already fragile nerve a little. This time she soared and smiled and did it ! What a small triumph, and well done for conquering the fear and 'doing it anyway' to quote a well known book ! Another J, sang her My Fair Lady solo and became the second huge conqueror of the evening ! She brought joy to the song, and therefore to the listeners.

The biggest 'special' moment of the evening without doubt was the performance of young S, our member who only 12 weeks ago had major brain surgery for a tumour. What a wonderful and moving moment when she got up and sang with such power, expression and full heartedness. There was barely a dry eye in the house, especially amongst the older members, parents of teens and anyone who knew how serious the situation had been such a short time ago. If I am honest I was hard pushed to play and keep my feelings under control, I can only begin to imagine the feelings of happiness which her parents experienced.

In the end I would like to give a large and bear like virtual group hug to all and a huge well done to all who performed and hope we all can be thankful for those moments which made the whole evening one to remember.





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