Thursday, 12 November 2015

End of the trip and Storm Abigail approaches.....

The final moments of the trip were both awful and delightful is one ! When Sara and I finally caught the 8.02pm Bognor Regis train from Victoria, and bearing in mind it was a Tuesday, not Friday or Monday.......the train was still chocka block full of commuters going home after work and we could only find two odd seats after moving through four or five standing only carriages. It is a difficult, and at times thankless task, this commuting lark and when I moved to Paradise and travelled each week to the RAM in London, I vowed to stop on the way over from here to Inverness Airport take masses of wonderful and artistic photographs and call it 'Commuting - my way'. I never did but it seemed like a good idea at the time !

After spending a few minutes with a very tired and bleary eyed Cecilia, who had manfully stayed up for our return, then promptly fell asleep on the sofa, I fell into bed and could not get comfortable due to the bruising on my knees and hip ! So although I had been up for about 20 hours, sleep evaded me for a couple more hours !

I was scooped up by Sara at 7.50am the next morning as part of the school run ! We all chatted for a precious 30 minutes or so, and I had time to have a little conversation with Wilson, who, at 9years old had been flat out asleep when we had arrived home the night before ! We deposited Cecilia at her school in Midhurst then doubled back to Fittleworth and said a sad farewell to Wilson, then we proceeded straight to Pulborough station where I was greeted with 'train cancelled' due to a train which would not start ! Finally Southern Trains deposited me at Gatwick Airport where the lovely Katy Thompson, our show Marco, was waiting to meet me and we could both find a table and have a long coffee, all day breakfast and a burstingly packed catch up chat !

How lovely it was to see her, she is such a ray of sunshine, so caring and so very interested in the goings on and lives of others. What a super way to end my wonderful and whirlwind trip to 'town'.

I am back home now, and storm Abigail is, as I write moving closer and closer, and at present I have lost my chimney cap - let us see what the morning brings, and hope the electricity is still with us ! My piano is a beautiful and modern Clavinova, but it runs on SSE this space !

The 8.02pm train still full of commuters when human beings should be home relaxing and having a life !



Lovely Katy and my medal ! I had to keep an eye open.......

Just joking !


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