Tuesday, 15 December 2015

On holiday - at long last !

Back at Littlebeck........Ah. The journey through the highlands yesterday was magnificent, the snow was sparkling white, thick and even, as the carol says. The long branches of the Scots pine trees hung so low with the depth of the snow and the whole journey was like a sledge ride through Narnia.

Tomorrow is a very early rise at 5.30am so as to make the ship at Tilbury. She embarks at 3pm for a short whizz through the Christmas Markets of Amsterdam and Bruges, and I can't wait ! The endless stream of beautiful food, the impeccable service, and the regular injection of good specialist coffee.

My lovely friend Julia has had a knee replacement a week or so ago, and much as I expected she is up and about more than most women twenty years her junior. She is an inspiration !

Have peek at these views from the drive through Invergarry !



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