Friday, 12 February 2016

Finding my feet.........

I slept until almost noon today ! So a straight 14 hours I think, but when I actually arose and sorted myself out I did not seem to feel any jet lag at all ? Perhaps the flight time differences really do make it a better experience ?

I decided to make a trip on the hotel shuttle bus to Tsuen Wan West MTR station, where I will alight tomorrow and walk to the academy, to make sure I knew where I was going ! It was quite a short trip, and I am sure it will make a big difference to my taxi bills ! The area is very modern, with lots of upmarket shops of the M&S variety, and all the fashionable label type companies, but I managed to find a couple of side streets still sporting the jam packed small shops and found myself a couple of dishes for packing up picnics, and a very small thermos flask for my strong coffee. I managed to forget mine, as well as leaving my Bento box in the kitchen cupboard at home ! So to take any snacks or lunch I knew I would have to find one of those magical shops where one can barely move, and which sells all those household items you did not think you needed.

This evening after patching together my supper I much enjoyed a vacuum packed treat, lovely E had made me a box full of her wondrous cheese straws. How truly delightful to sit in a hotel room 5000 miles away from home and chomp on her great baking ! Thanks E, hugely appreciated.

I almost got lost in the mammoth City Walk shopping mall, so just followed my nose to the bay and the sea. It worked and I found myself back at the bus stop from where I was picked up by the hotel shuttle and deposited back at the hotel in 10 minutes flat! It is an excellent service and I feel very lucky. The hotel also give me a free cell phone which can be used as wifi wherever I am in Hong Kong, and also allows me to speak to anyone in the UK ( as well as many other countries) totally free. Astonishing, and thus more cheaply that ringing someone when I am at home in the UK.........what a bonus. I did speak to my daughter in the UK this morning and it was her phone signal which petered very ironic !

Thankyou Dorsett Tsuen Wan hotel, you have made my stay easy and very convenient.

Onwards and upwards, my real job starts tomorrow, so here's to a successful time here !

Various pictures of my hotel ....enjoy



The view from my window on the 12th floor - note all the greenery, how nice is that !


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