Sunday, 20 March 2016

Onwards - on the back of a magical concert !

I am now fully recovered and looking forward to beginning week 1 of Song School tomorrow ! Thank goodness the bug is now behind me, and food has some appeal again !

We had a great concert on Friday, and I am astonished how Inner Sound, also with a number of suffering folk, pulled such a brilliant performance out of a 'rehearsal free' bag ! The soloists were brave and fearless, especially since there were some debuts. Nobody had a lesson this week and no general rehearsal. This is when I realise what strength and depth there is within the company, and how that strong foundation has technique and confidence in spadefuls, and even in adversity the quality rings through !

The part songs had zip and calm in equal amounts. The medley, which we seem to have adopted as a new and successful part of the programme, went so well, taceting from choruses to solos to duets combined with some informal movement quite seamlessly.

The youngsters excelled themselves and gave a sparkly edge to the concert, with a magnificent Brahms Die Mainacht from NC, a beautiful Faure Pie Jesu from NM, a strong and heartfelt Panis Angelicus from S and a first and delightful German Die Lotusblume from M. Young J surprised everyone with the growth and depth of her developing voice in her Path to the Moon, and L sang a witty and lyrical Buttercup's Song complete with basket and packet of Peppermint sweeties ! A was very powerful with her O Mio Babbino Caro, and S was most moving in her Ugly Duckling within the medley. What a top notch group of teens we are lucky enough to have !

Four babes between 6 and 8 stole the show with some gorgeous teeny solos, and then a triumphant quartet performance of the evergreen Toy Soldier by Peter Jenkyns. Nobody could compete with the cute factor !

My staunch and core members both ladies and gentlemen were truly fantastic and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for holding the whole evening together. Duets and solos apart, their contribution overall is priceless.

A magical evening.

.....'Come on little soldier there's a job to do......'




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