Sunday, 13 March 2016

Patriotic Chorus and other rousing choral numbers !

My first week home ! I came back and immediately began teaching. So I completed a hefty week and only relaxed when it got to Thursday evening and had a curry with friends ! Only then did it hit me that I could let my brain stop thinking about repertoire, technique and piano accompaniments !

It was a very productive week however, and all my students with one or two small exceptions had worked hard whilst I was away, and to practise without the weekly reminders can be very tricky indeed. Some excellent work indeed had been put in by my ladies and youngsters doing Song School, which is in one week. Possibly the most pleasing part of the week was the concert rehearsal on Tuesday - the choral sound was fantastic - one forgets how round and warm the tone is, and how wonderfully unified. I had my faith in vocal quality restored in the space of 2 hours !

The 'Vicar of Dibley' 23rd Psalm was going very well until a rather terrified K realised she was indeed the only mezzo ! Swiftly two other singers volunteered to learn the middle part, so hopefully the balance will be a little better this week !

The medley from Hans Christian Anderson is going swimmingly, and it will be such fun - the difficulty of the music is irrelevant - the quality of the singing is what matters, and 'Wonderful Copenhagen' was so fat and resonant it nearly blew my head off, and swung along with such a relief rousing energy I think the audience will love it.

The Patriotic Chorus from Nicholas Nickleby is always a winner and I have used it almost my whole teaching career, it is strong and driving, and performing it with entries appearing every 6 bars or so, it gathers a wonderful momentum and almost sings itself ! I love it, and defy anyone, however many times one has sung it, not to be carried away on a wave of melody.

Another week begins tomorrow, and with pupils taking diploma exams, Grade exams, performing in Song School, and a concert on Friday it will be a busy, busy 5 days.

Wish me luck !

Patriotic Chorus - Stephen Oliver

Samuel Wesley - Lead me Lord

The Lord is my Shepherd - Howard Goodall


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