Thursday, 14 April 2016

Reflections on Song School

First week back is done and dusted, and things are all set for a good term ! I have had lots of lovely feedback from those of my pupils who enjoyed Song School. Both young and older participants have found new inspiration having been immersed in music and song for a whole week or longer.

There is something so valuable about that total immersion. It is a taste of 'Conservetoire' life. Performing, talking and experiencing music for the whole day and the whole week. It has such a bonding element, and is so much about the individual journey each participant makes, and the safe space in which to experiment or lay ones feelings open.

This 'togetherness' is as valuable for adults, none of whom will ever go on into the profession, or indeed even want to, as it is for the aspirant young professionals, and those whose hopes and dreams lie in that elusive life of a singer. Sometimes I think the singers almost learn more from each other's performances than from their own brief 30 minutes each day. They see, and have confirmed those things I may have said many times to them, but actually witnessing the change 'live' in another person is proof positive that some element of technique really does work !

Mostly it is being part of a whole, a team that shares the emotions and the pain as well as the happiness and success of the whole. The sum of the whole is far far greater than the individual parts.

It was a glorious two weeks, for them........and for me. Onwards and upwards for all that this term has to offer, and an eventual five performances of Iolanthe !

Agh !

Enjoy these beautiful photographs of week 2 with a plethora of talent, commitment and heart. Look at the passion - now tell me that classical singing isn't a 'cool' thing to do.









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