Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ho La Hi, Donkey Riding and Shortnin Bread - Songs for the serious baby singer !


Tuesday is  one of my busiest teaching days, not only with 8 students from 2.30 til 7pm, the teaching day is followed by the weekly show rehearsal until around 10pm. It is a rewarding day, but rather tiring. I also have three of my four baby singers who only have short 15 minute lessons at the tender ages of 6,7 and 8 years, but they really keep me on my toes ! They whoosh through songs each week so fast, and I am back scrutinising the Singing Together book for yet another little song with two verses and lots of repeated words or choruses ! Little S came today and sang her 'Shortnin Bread' with the most amazing mouth shapes and long jaw I could have used her as a role model - then the second she thinks about something else ie. new shoes, or what is for dinner, the mouth defaults back to barely being used ! The brain really does not seem to be able to multi task at such a young age - maybe it is 'learning' so much, so fast  it can't cope with all the information flooding in.......H who is just a year older sang her little German folk song Ho La Hi with gusto, taking great pleasure in the first line of the last verse which reads ' Spiteful people sometimes Hisssssssss....' With the emphasis of the snaky ssssss, which can be a bit tricky with front teeth missing ! She now just needs to 'put it in my head' she told me with gravitas ! S is the older brother of S and his songs are just a little more complex, but he had almost committed all three verses of Donkey Riding to memory and sang the most lovely 'Hey Ho away we go' with such a big open mouth shape as a sense of freedom I was quite touched by it. He is quite a serious young man, unlike his little red headed sister who will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years time !

My fourth babe R comes on a Wednesday, but not this week, so he may be down on the gold star record he was aiming for ! For the first time in my teaching life I have bought glittering pages of stars in gold, silver and bronze. They work a treat and these little ones glow with pride and joy when they are stuck on the music.

Will it work with my teens.......Hmmmm I think not ! I need a better bribe.


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