Thursday, 8 December 2016

Last week of term, first day of freedom !

The end of my is my first day of the holidays. It has a feel all of its own, no timetable, only long days of a peaceful, calm and song free zone stretch ahead. My Easter term is going to be very busy indeed with the Youth Opera, a big concert and Song School, and all the resulting rehearsals for those events, so the thought of almost four weeks of freedom is a welcome joy !

We had our first floor rehearsal on Tuesday and my goodness it was tremendous. The young singers bubbled and bounced and got 'stuck in' with such musical gusto I was swept along with them. The Britten score is very challenging but if one does not realise it is difficult, or if one simply approaches it with innocent enthusiasm, there are no pre conceptions of any impossibilities ! It is a miracle really, and I have seen it many times before in my London career teaching high flying aspirant professionals.

They just attack music with a guilelessly open mind. They learn what they hear, and not what their brains read - the black dots which litter the pages of the score like hysterical ants are bypassed, and only the exciting and fun element of those pages is seen, embraced, and enjoyed !

The electricity generated in a rehearsal could run a power station for a week, it certainly keeps my personal power bank supplied for some time, and I love it !

The ladies and myself (of course I am also a lady !) are having an Inner Sound dinner tonight at our local and very user friendly Indian restaurant. As a type 2 diabetic it is tricky to eat Indian and watch all those lucky people eat delicious portions of rice, so I have a main course and substitute a couple of poppadoms for the greatly missed pilau or coconut rice to accompany. I eat less than 30g of carbohydrates on a good day, and it keeps my sugar numbers from elevating, so by a few substitutions I can enjoy a delightful meal out with the best of them ! 

Thus, my first day of freedom must be carbohydrate restricted more than usual so that I may relish my dinner this evening.......Mmmmm

The great substitute......


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