Monday, 21 June 2010

The Friendly Cow and chums

Ellie at 18

Today, we have 3 more days to go before heading off to the competition. So the final push, so to speak, is full of high adrenalin filled lessons. My jiggling Kangaroo was simply splendid - he did a positive aerobic workout whilst telling the story of the little rabbits laughing at the huge big kangaroo, who got wet in the rain! He then went on to tell me about The Wizard, whose cave is full of books of spells and magic potions. He was clearly delighted with himself - and lets face it, what more could you ask! Oh that we were so easily pleased with our lot!

I always have a slight feeling of regret that I started lessons at 13. There are so many gorgeous songs for small children, and I don't mean belting chest register ballads. I am talking about those by composers like Peter Jenkyns, whose tiny jewels include The Crocodile, and The Snowman, not to mention an utterly divine miniature song called The Friendly Cow. I somehow feel I missed out, and all the huge and impressive operatic arias known to man don't make up for the simplistic joy I see in small people telling me the story of Little Lottie Lester with the big blue eyes, whose chief preoccupation is with telling LIES!

I have a very very old King Charles spaniel called Ellie (or Elvira Haughty Lady to give her the Kennel Club name ) who has for many years lain next to my piano while I teach, and I have so often used her to help coax and relax baby singers of 5 - 7 years old into singing 'so we can wake her up', or 'singing so she can understand the story'. I bet there are lots of you out there who are completely unaware of the magical powers of the dog who understands all. The innocent mindset of the child finds singing to her SO much less daunting that to me. So I am bi-passed, and become just the background music that glues together the child - song - dog, and in being thus side lined, I can watch the confidence grow like an opening flower.

Now, what am I going to do whe Ellie passes on to that great Heavenly dog sofa ? Who will be my channel, and connecting thread with these little ones?

Hang in there Ellie.

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