Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Top G

It was a glorious day in Paradise today. Bright sun, slight breeze and along with the fantastic views of the mountains my solar water heating panels were whirring for all they were worth (lots of w's there!)It was a sunny day in the music room too. There is a moment just before an event, be that a concert, a competition, or a show, when everybody knows their stuff, begins to love it, and feels excited and confident about performing it.

That was the atmosphere today. Upbeat and bouyant, smiley and jokey, riding on a wave of self belief. I love it when song after song is sung to me with real joy and a feeling of gay abandon, and throwing musical caution to the wind!

It all seemed to coincide with the potted potatoes burgeoning to the proportions of an oversized triffid - yippee, lots of sausage and mash come autumn, and the venerable old damson tree looks like an Italian vine heavy with muscat grapes.

The toddler starlings were screaming higher and louder than any singer in the music room, and indignantly beak prodding their exhausted mother, who was trying in desperation to feed herself. Summer with all its resultant bounty was in full flow, in duet with the vocal heights being reached on the other side of the window !

My sweet and ever cheery pupil J who brings her own brand of gladness into our lives came for her lesson today. She relishes every word she sings, and counts each high note as a personal victory. She watches for my reaction, and if I smile she bubbles with happiness (what responsibility!). Today she reached a fine top G, and was unable to resist emitting a huge guffaw of laughter. In an attempt to 'sober up' so she could continue she looked uncomfortably straight faced. I asked her if she was sad, to which she replied, 'No, but I want to smile for ever, so I have to try and think sad thoughts or I will just burst, but Ann, sad is not in here today!'

Days like today are a gift. Unwrap and enjoy.

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