Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The End of Fantastic Era

Well it came and went!

Shows are great, but hard work, and although my young co-workers have tried hard whilst I was away - there is still a great deal of work to do, and the first night is a week today. I was a little panicked to see how 'rough and ready' some of it still is.

This is our 8th show, and the company has come a long way, and done so well, but the time has come for me to bow out. I have never had a year when I was not producing one or even two shows in a 12 month period over the last 20 years, and to be honest, I am all out of 'show'. It gets so hard to try to keep everyone 'up' and to pander to all the problems, real or fantasy that folk have, that I want a rest from all that expending of sympathy, bouying up, coaxing and yelling. If we were doing it professionally then one has the whip hand of 'you are being paid, get on with it!', but that is not the case with my lovely and volunteer cast! So that is it, and I have to say, the thought of a summer when I don't have to worry about it is beginning to feel attractive!

Don't get me wrong, they are a wonderful group of people, and they do work very hard, and the shows are really professional. The truth is simple - it's me that is worn out - sorry guys!

So onwards, and now I hope, upwards for a firework filled and brilliant show bursting with energy and fun.

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