Tuesday, 13 July 2010

To be continued

Well, I am awake, upright and smiling. That has got to be a plus - especially for the brave souls who will have me back at rehearsal tonight. I was updated on last weeks' affair, and informed by one of my cool young co-producers that after a bit of a telling off over knowledge (or lack of it) of words and music, that '' my telling off would pale into significance alongside Ann's when she gets home''.

I like that, a bit of healthy fear. It is the exclusion zone now, when I am supposed to have a whole and entire cast for 2 weeks. However I have already had a call from a mother who 'forgot', so oh dear, and another about a small person with rampant chickenpox, which is excusable on the grounds of having no cast next week due to an outbreak of shingles, chickenpox or worse, and one more about a family bereavement - which is A ok.

Forgetting is'nt. So 4 cast members down - everyone else better be GOOD, or maybe even DAMN GOOD !

This is a little late, but at Bournemouth the venue for the singing week is in a most interesting building, the Bournmouth Natural Science Museum, a truly Victorian fairycake affair with towers! At 'sandwich time' we sat in a room completely surrounded with glass cases full of stuffed birds of prey, and the odd, hopefully dead spider, caught in a grisly battle with an unknown to me, but slightly startled furry animal, who looked as if it had bitten off more than it could gnaw. It made for interesting conversations over the Battenburg.

This post will update after the rehearsal - gird your loins Ann.......

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