Sunday, 19 September 2010

Let's Dance

I was at a concert last night which was whole evening of local folk of all ages 4 ish to middle aged, dancing for all they were worth. The sheer enjoyment was so plain to see, and the standard was very high. I teach a young woman who is the dynamo behind the show, and the manager of the island project.

It covered every style from Ballet, via Highland Dance through Indian Dance and Modern Jazz Dance, and was therefore, wonderfully culture inclusive. We travelled a few 'foot miles' in the course of 2 hours. The audience cheered and applauded and a ripple of Indian waving hands even went around the auditorium !

As a seasoned pro myself, I love it when one can see just how much hard work goes into these events. A general audience only sees, and rightly so, the finished product, and watches with pleasure and excitement the magical stage end product. I watch and marvel at the 'other' side of the production, knowing how much energy, effort and talent is behind the glossy finished production.

The concert was definitely the 'baby' of a dynamic personality, a clear thinker, and an innovative mind who could create a professional and clever whole using dancers at every level of competence.

THEREIN lies the magic.

I believe so firmly that the arts are for absolutely everyone, and that when ever humanly possible, all levels should perform together, each giving something special to a performance. This is often what is so tiring about the whole process. When you work with professionals they are all expected to be at and beyond a certain level, so what you might ask of them is achievable in as little time as possible, with only a small amount of imput from the producer/director. When working with a Heinz 57 variety of folk, levels, and abilities it is all up to the producer's ability to accommodate everyone at their own level, giving each something to do or sing which is possible, and will allow them to achieve and succeed.

Bringing this whole together is a job the size of Africa ! The young lady concerned had done just that, and with all of the actual choroegraphy with which she was concerned, every person on the stage was so beautifully managed. It was so carefully and kindly thought out, and it worked like a well oiled wheel.

The youngsters were vibrant, enthused and so full of life, and the older folk were having a ball, and dancing with enjoyment and energy. The costumes were fantastic, again well thought out, suitable, and innovative, and the whole was cohesive and slick.

We are very blessed to have young L with us in Paradise, giving so much to the kids, teenagers and adults, and having so much energy !

What an island Paradise.

But don't tell everyone, or they will all want to come and live here!!!

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