Monday, 20 September 2010

Plodding Onwards

Towards the Holiday/Exam/Christmas.......the travelling part of the term.

It was a funny old day today, lots of pupils feeling tired. I think it must be getting near half term ! It seems like only yesterday when they all went back to school, but actually it is around 5 weeks for the youngsters in Scotland, and the holiday is only about 2 weeks away. Most look ready for a week or so off, and have that look of langour and pallor brought on by too many French lessons and too much heart pumping PE !

They will get no holiday from me however - slave driver that I am - I am away for just under 4 weeks from Oct 13th and many have exams, so time off for good behaviour will not be offered - parole for good singers is not an option! They will miss 4 lessons whilst I am away so time is of the essence !

Fortunately the exam date is late November, so there will be at least 2 weeks when I get back for hard and punishing slave driving right up to the edge of the examination state border !

I teach a very quiet girl on Mondays who is not a natural and easy singer but my does she work hard. I have often been astonished in my teaching career how hard work and regular 'plodding' often does the job really well. This youngster is 12 and is so shy it is often quite tricky to have a conversation. Actually, I think it is not so much shyness but more that she is a girl of few words. When she has something to say, it is said, but she seems not one for small talk! She is taking her Grade 2 this term, and today was on the last leg of the learning. She is one of life's hard workers, and I relish her quiet progress, and her serious approach to her lessons, she is a little oasis of quiet and unruffled calm, in an otherwise busy and noisy day!

It was warmish again today, so the stove stayed off, but it is cleared out and laid with paper and wood for the next moment of autumn chill. I cooked - yes - I cooked and made a simple curry, which was amazingly edible, and started to feel somewhat sleepy around 9pm, much earlier than I normally do. I must be sickening for something!

Oh well, cracking on thinking about, and working on repertoire for Christmas ............ and watching a bit of trashy TV.


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