Saturday, 23 October 2010

Day 1 and Time Changes

We arrived in New York City at 1.30pm lunchtime US time and around 6pm UK time, so as I write there are two very overtired children having a bath and getting into bed.

The hotel is in Queens, not Manhattan. The most reasonable Manhattan hotel was around $400 a night, which seems a lot when outside Manhattan was a quarter of the price! And, I would rather spend the extra cash on the cruise!

It is pleasant, residential and fairly quiet, but there is a subway nearby and a bus into the centre just outside the hotel lobby - so that suits us just fine!

I am a little tired for people watching, but the hotel bus driver is a bit of a card, and had a great line in chat and banter! He could have been Irish!

Sightseeing tomorrow, in a small way - with two children of 4 and 7, the day will be slow and steady with lots of breaks for rest and refreshment.

Talking of refreshments, we did clear the 'sweetie' machine in the lobby out of small person bags of chocolate chip cookies, something of a feat when we had only been in the building around 2 hours!

OK - the lobby has just filled up with Russian pilots and stewardesses, it has the ring of Murmansk about it, only 30 degrees warmer - believe me, I've been there in December!

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