Friday, 8 October 2010

Fabulous Friday

It has been a truly glorious day today. The Car thermometer showed 21 degrees and bearing in mind we are in the 2nd week of October, it has been a wonderfully summery day, yet the autumn colours are vibrant.

My new camera arrived today, in readiness for my holiday to the US and Canada, so I spent most of the day taking photos and playing with them on my laptop. It is not an expensive camera, but technology has moved on so quickly that it seems positively sci fi by comparison with my old one.

The aforementioned 'old' one, actually about 6 years old, so where does that put me in terms of obsolecence ?! will now go to my little 7 year old grandaughter, who will think I have given her the moon, and will provide hours of photographic bliss on our holiday.

Thus, as you all know there is NO singing teaching on fridays, I thought I would just show you some of the photos of Paradise which I took today.


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