Saturday, 9 October 2010

Heavenly Song

I was making a short film on my computer using some video clips which I took last Christmas. They were random snippets of the grandchildren and my elderly parents, and worth keeping in a safe and secure way. I learnt , rather by trial and error, how to use Windows Live Movie Maker, and ended up with a very sweet, if not very professional 9 minute film.

I then noticed that I could add music ! Well, what joy, I could play around for many wasteful hours finding music to download from the internet. This may surprise you, but I have never downloaded any music, so it was a start from scratch job. The world of eclassical music is as wide as the Atlantic, and I was so spoilt for choice for a moment I felt as if I did'nt know the first thing about the subject!

I pulled myself together and began to trawl for Christmas music which I love - well it was a Christmas DVD - and I listened to titbits of everything from Palestrina to Harrison Birtwhistle (which I quickly dispensed with!!!), and came round to my favourite style, my Desert Island Disc genre, the musical love of my life.......4/5/6 part complicated, soft and controlled choral music.

I looked for Christmas Choral music, and came up with a wide and 'diverse' collection. There were collections of 'supermarket' muzac in profusion, sliding and cheesy versions of Rudolf...and Jingle Bells....and an almost in tune rendition of Away in a Manger, for 'Lazy Baritone, 'Synthsizer' and backing track. Need I say more!

I could feel the despondency setting in, the moment when I think everything I have based my career on seems worthless to Joe Public - but I retreated, regrouped, had a strong Yorkshire tea and thus fully refuelled, I tried again !

Then, like a sunburst of solar energy I found it !!

Why had I not thought of searching by performer. In a nano second I typed in The Kings Singers and waited with bated breath...................

There it was, staring me in the face, the most wonderous arrangement of 'O Little One Sweet', and I am so joyous about it I want you all to share in the bliss of supreme choral singing outside of a great Cathedral Choir.

Made my week.

O Little One Sweet - The best home videos are here

I made the short film, as it would not let me upload simply music - video yes, music no.......this is NOT the one I made for private use!! But the little ones are mine!

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