Monday, 24 January 2011

Man Talk

Fill it up again Florrie !

Update on the insurance claim.....they want to send a 'preferred builder' of their own tomorrow, so we are back to square 1. It all feels so corrupt in many ways. The job needs doing, a fair price is needed, then they bash it down and down - so what happens to the work.....................most disconcerting, and quite upsetting.

A long day of teaching today, and a super chap I teach came after a break of around 7 weeks. That is including Christmas and New Year, but then N went off on holiday, throwing himself off cliffs with only the aid of an improbably thin parachute and a small mansized mini aeroplane, in Spain somewhere I think. Mad Man!

He is taking part in the Song School, so we are trying to put together enough repertoire for each day and each catagory. He has a fantastically witty and humerous Handel aria called - wait for it - Droop Not Young Lover ! It is so jolly and such fun, full of typical 'bloke' back slapping lyrics, where the chap concerned is telling his lovesick pal to 'get over the girl', and tell her what you think! It has so much in it which is reminiscent of raucous Baroque era pub chat, possibly after a good deal of mead.

I have taught it before and every time I return to it I feel the laughter start to rumble inside me.

Now all he needs to do is learn it ! Men, different animals really. They thrive on the rush of pressure and adrenalin, and usually come through with flying colours - at the moment it is not colours N is flying by - but the seat of his baritone pants !

Do it N, now.


  1. My sister always said that her drama boys only worked well if left until the very last minute whereas the girls liked to rehearse for some weeks. The results were the same so she just got used to it. She also said that if you tried to force the boys to rehearse more, they simply did not shine at all on the day :)

    viv in nz

  2. Very true, but I always gently coax, then strongly suggest and finally give them a kick ! Has worked for me before, lets hope it works this time!