Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Mikado and the Insurance claim

That Quote is too high - Off with his Head !

I have almost finished the snappy little arrangement of the American folksong, 'L'il Liza Jane, and as my young and enthusiastic tenor is conducting at the moment, I am writing it for Soprano, Alto and Baritone !

It is fast and bouncy, fairly easy parts with the odd little twist here and there, but they will learn in in a twinkling and enjoy singing it as a concert opener. First job done!

I had a difficult few days trying to chase up the insurance claim for the burst pipe damage - one always believes it will be straightforward, uncomplicated and relatively painless, but ahh... no. I assume the insurance companies are neck deep in claims, and leaching cash at 100 miles per hour, but we pay our monthly direct debits for years and years, hoping the worst will never happen, and when it does suddenly occur they are picky, difficult and recalcitrant. More questions and explanations needed than in an A Level paper from 1975 !

There was a soup and sandwiches lunch today in a local village hall. It was bursting with folk fighting for bowls of delicious Tomato and Lentil, or Leek and Potato soup, fresh baked bread, home made cakes to die for, and entertainment from local traditional musicians. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, and the youngsters who arranged, cooked and worried about it should be greatly pleased with their endeavours. I hope they raised a large amount of money for Save the Children Fund.

It is typical of many of the young, and older Paradise residents. Giving, and charity work is a high priority.

Tomorrow I will upload my arrangement to the computer, and finish writing out the parts for the Mikado Finale, which will be the blistering end to our concerts. It is probably my favourite snatch of Gilbert and Sullivan. The music has a light majesty, and a great sweeping melody which sends an audience home feeling rosy and warm as well as lifted up.

'We do not hear their dismal sound,
For joy reigns everywhere around !'

A philosophy to 'go' for I think, and I will try not to listen to the 'dismal sound' of my loss adjustor ! I think mine is the 'Katisha' of their company, rather gloomy, lacking in a sense of humour, and clearly power crazed !

'The threatened cloud has passed away'
- Counting the days until I can whistle that wonderful line from Act 1 Finale, Mikado........................

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