Friday, 11 February 2011

Cello, the voice of the orchestra

I am just about to set off on my last leg home. The hotel in Glasgow suburbs is comfortable and so warm I had to switch off the heating and open the window! I think living in Paradise has hardened me to a cooler and more 'baltic' temperature. I did switch off the heating however before opening the window - ecologically aware I am !

I am rested after 3 lovely days with my daughter and grandchildren, and it turned out a perfect solution for her as on monday, the day I arrived, her car went into the car hospital and will not be fixed until today, so I did the school and work runs!

Little C gave me a recital of her Initial Cello exam, and much impressed I was too. She is sensitive and musical yet with a rather adventurous touch with the bow. She takes risks. At seven, I am not sure if she is even aware of it, but it bodes well for the future and her climbing the grades on this most beautiful of instruments.

I always feel the cello has a truly human vocality. It is, in the middle range, just right for a warm mezzo voice to sing along with, and her wonderful cello teacher starts them all off by singing as they play, so ear and fingers connect.

I wanted, at 20 to try something new, and I decided to take up the cello ! I loved the feeling of being a true beginner, of knowing the map of the cello playing world was out there to be explored. I took my Grade 3 after about 2 terms, and have distinctly embarrassed memories of slightly surprising the examiner as I was surrounded before and after by tots of about 9, all wondering what this strange, and clearly very weird grown up was doing playing the tunes they were playing ! Should'nt I be a teacher or something? Anyhow I passed with mediocre marks for my pieces and dazzling marks for my aural and sight playing!

Well it was only Grade 3 !!

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