Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Lord is My Shepherd

Back to reality now, and gearing myself up for the coming week. We are only 3 weeks from the concerts so after the marvelous C has drilled the parts into them I will take over as 'Bad Cop' to his 'Good Cop'! As a longtime teacher, coach and masterclasser I have become accustomed to being bad cop, it comes with the territory. It also makes my singers appreciate the good cop all the more!

I gave the ladies the SSA arrangement of the Howard Goodall 'The Lord is my Shepherd', so successfully used as the signature tune of The Vicar of Dibley. C tells me they struggled at first as the parts are generally low, rather close together and the harmonies are quite scrunchy. It was composed for the TV show, yet was first performed by the choir of Christ Church College, Oxford. I think my ladies will love singing it in the female voice version, and feel a real sensed of achievement.

I hasten to add that the audiences will love it!

Whilst I was adjudicating at Oxford Festival a small boy of about 9 was singing the solo version of the said piece in the 10 and under solo class. He was very cute and wore a shirt and tie about 3 times too large for his svelte frame. He looked confident, smiled sweetly at the adjudicator (me!) and proceeded to announce his song.

Boldly, and with great aplomb he said, 'I would like to sing The Lord is My Shepherd by The Vicar of Dibley !'

Another string to Dawn French's bow !

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