Friday, 25 March 2011

Up, Up and Away....courtesy of Flybe

I am off on my travels again tomorrow - this is the ultimate time of year for my job! Well between now and July !

I fly from Inverness to Manchester, then a train to Grange over Sands, visiting a new Convent, with a new set of sisters. They are Augustinians, and although they have a contemplative house, they are also a nursing order. I met the sister in charge of the music for the office when I did some sessions at the Panel of Monastic Musicians meeting last September in Llandudno. Sr Anne from Grange over Sands almost immediately invited me to come to her house, which was very nice!

So I leave tomorrow and will begin 3 days of singing with them on Monday, and return to Inverness next Thursday evening. I will post from there whilst I am away, if they have WiFi in the guest house. If not I will store it all up for when I return !

It is always interesting and exciting meeting new people, and trying to bring them into the fold of Middy singing technique - I feel like an ambassador for the wonderful methods of singing she instilled into us, and that she learnt from her mother!

The dynasty goes on.

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