Monday, 4 April 2011

Full Circle

Some of Miranda's Singers

Sorry it has been a while since the last post. I have been sleeping and generally doing housey things such as washing and the like.

I have much paperwork to do in the next couple of days, for the Song School which starts next week, and my family arrive in the middle of the week!

As well as all that, one of my oldest and much loved students is bringing her own group of singers to Paradise next Sunday for a week. She is completing the circle. As a teenager herself she came here many times to have Paradise Therapy (as they all called it!) and to give concerts.

It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction, and a sense of 'job well done' when they are introducing their own youngsters to this beautiful place, and to allowing them to become a part of the welcoming community, and to spend quality time with each other.

Thus - I am taking a few days break from posting, firstly to allow me to complete all my paperwork before the family arrive, and so I can spend quality time with them for a few days before the enslaught of the Song School !

Be back in a week, and then I will be updating on the masterclasses, the singers and the songs....

Watch this space.

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