Monday, 27 June 2011

Foot Tapping, Pointing, Leaping........

Inner Sound singer, choreographer and dance captain par excellence L, produced another cracking Dance Showcase last friday and saturday evenings !

I went to the first night, and was, yet again astonished by the sheer dynamism and fun which was generated by every dancer from the age of 2years - over 50years ! The stage buzzed, and the dancers were having a ball.

All styles were covered from ballet, step dancing, modern dance, highland dancing, Bollywood and Scottish Country Dancing. It was such a visual feast as well. Where does the girl get the costumes ?

In essence the whole evening encapsulated the pint sized dynamo who is the driving force. It was a classic example of the fact that almost everything really worthwhile comes from a 'leader' who is ;

a) talented !

b) cares about standards and professionalism, and

c) who gets on well with all ages, and can communicate with ease and flair.

That just about sums up young L, and she most definitely embodies those qualities in spoonfuls !

She also sings mighty well ! Oh to be young again, and have the energy of a sparkler! Don't burn out L, you are too valuable for that!

I wish you could all have been there, it was truly a lovely evening, and Inner Sound is extremely very proud of our little champion foot tapper !

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