Wednesday, 15 June 2011

'O Isis und Osiris Schenket' and other songs to please...

The keyboard marathon!

It has been quite a tough week. My first, back teaching a seriously curtailed timetable and still I am exhausted after a paltry amount of work! The rehearsal last night was hard, and I felt my temperature rise, whilst my tolerance level fell to freezing level, and the poor singers saw the less kind and sympathetic corners of my character!

It just shows that whilst my lungs are now clear, it is going to take some time for a complete recovery.........and in the interim I need to pace myself! Aaagh.................

The little teaching I have done has mostly been those souls singing solos at the concert on Saturday night. The repertoire covered has ranged from a super dark, if youthful, 'O Isis und Osiris schenket', one of the gorgeous Sarastro aria's from Mozart's panto, The Magic Flute ! L has even found a couple of bottom F's, which he sings with such baby gravitas, it sends a little shiver through me, even in my weakened state (perhaps because of my weakened state!).

His sister N sang me a performance of 'If There were Dreams to Sell' by John Ireland, which she performed with such mature interpretive qualities beyond her years, and then today one of my lovely ladies was a stress free zone by performing her 'Evening Song' by Liza Lehmann, then to be musically complimented by P who rehearsed her 'To Keep my Love Alive', by Rogers and Hart. We planned some cracking moves if we can persuade our male singers to take their turn at 'dying' in a dramatic and appropriate manner as the rich, innocently barmy lady about town kills off each in turn simply 'to keep her love alive' don't you know!

I finished my day with two sisters, each of whom are such diligent pupils, and so will add a bright and breezy Kangaroo and a Fiddle on the Roof 'Sabbath Prayer' to the evening proceedings.

All I must do now is pace myself enough to play the accompaniments and concentrate for the whole concert. That will, in itself, be like running a marathon with my fingers!

Wish me luck !

The legendary Kurt Moll at the Met singing Sarastro..............

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