Thursday, 22 March 2012

Duet Singing in profusion

A beautiful Cross, which also means 1000, or one thousand ways to worship Christ. I rather liked the picture taken at one of the churches where I have been working

Back at Hotel Home, and a lovely episode of Dad's Army for R&R

It was another world last night when we went to visit poor Catherine in hospital. She is
very unwell and up until 6pm had been in a ward with 12 beds as close together as dates
in a box, no western food and many very sick, and very old ladies as her only companions.
It was not the most comfortable place to be. The federation ladies have been wonderful,
and made sure that just before we arrived she had paid $9000 HK and was moved to the
first class ward at the top of the building, which only had 6 beds and a TV. Still not exactly
Paradise Hospital in facilities or space. Poor girl. One can only be utterly thankful that it is
not oneself. Selfish as that seems when written down.

I am back at the Youth Studio, my favourite venue, and every morning I feel as if I am
getting slower and slower. We have a grand breakfast at the hotel with anything one could
want, from piles of bacon, eggs in many and various ways, lots of cereals, fresh fruits,
cheese, bread, and cakes in such profusion one could give a third world country type 2
Diabetes !

At this point all of us are making a picnic from the buffet to take for lunch. The picnics
seem to be growing each day as we need more lunch to keep us going, and I now
regularly see colleagues leaving the dining room laden with muffins, bread and cheese,
apples, bananas and hard boiled eggs ! The head waiter does not seem to have any
problem with it, thank goodness, and turns a Chinese blind eye to the petty theft!
I have 41 duets this morning. An interesting arrangement of Beautiful Dreamer by the
American composer of pot boilers of the late 19th century (I think!). A romantic and rather
deep southish melody for two equal girls' voices. It is quite tricky with lots of sliding
chromatics so either very successful or very NOT successful. This afternoon another 45
duets, and Round 9 of the arrangement of Martini's Plaisir d'Amour. Lots of lovey dovey
music for girls under 16 !

On with the motley!

Lunchtime update:

Am much cheered, I looked in my mark book at lunch time and found that I have the
morning off tomorrow ! Triple Yippee ! Course I pay for it by working til around 10pm, but at
least I can sleep in. Blissed out.....................Yawn

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