Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Caro mio Ben again and the Bird of Paradise

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometimes one's faith in the system, and singing teaching in general is restored. What was, only yesterday, frustration and intolerance with a couple of relentless classes of youngsters who seem to have no idea of the meaning of the song, the language, or the style, is washed away by a small group of keen, eager, and well taught young men of around 16.

Today, once again in the dreary venue in Yuen Long, New Territories, I was musically 'tsunamied', with wave after wave of smart, intelligent and charming boys performing for all they were worth. They did not all have wonderful natural instruments, but they were well drilled and sang with passion and control all at the same time. 18 of them !

After losing my half day off yesterday to cover for poor Catherine, who is still in hospital and having a simply awful time, I was not happy at having to be on the transport this morning at 7.45am to travel out West, a loooong way!

Hearing these young men, and seeing their bright eyes just longing for imput and encouragement, cheered me up no end, and I felt I was back in that place in life I love. Helping them be better. I wish photographs were allowed, I would love a couple of shots of these boys, and had we enough cash in Inner Sound, I would fly them over in a shot, to be part of our male chorus ! I feel sure IS would welcome them with open arms!

Do we have £10,000 going spare do you think !

As if..........

The photos were taken at the SKH Holy Sprit Church, where I have spent a good deal of my adjudicating time. There was a special day (I know not what!) and some wonderful and exotic flower arrangements had been made to celebrate. They were simply too good to keep quiet about, and the smell in the place where they were exhibited was positively intoxicating. I am just displaying two of them.

Breathe in and close your eyes.

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