Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Day Off and a bit of Retail Therapy

Ladies Market Mong Kok

What a super day off ! I meandered down to breakfast at around 9.30am and joined most of the other late sleeping adjudicators and had a leisurely meal and chat, which is not the case on a work morning ! The plan was to do a little market shopping and have a simple lunch before returning to the hotel and relax before my ultra early transit car at 7.45am.

A colleague and myself took ourselves off to Mong Kok a few stops along the MTR into Kowloon and on Nathan Road. We visited the Ladies Market and marveled at the stalls selling fantastic silk outfits, from dresses to pyjamas, purses to iphone covers via handbags in fake designer styles and jade jewelry. We had a ball. I even managed to do a bit of haggling, and managed to reduce the price of a purchase by a third. Boy was I proud of myself.

After catching a bus back along the bustling Nathan Road where you can barely see windows for brightly lit signs, flashing neon lights, and people, we got the Star Ferry back across the water, and wandered slowly back to the hotel.

After a restorative cup of tea I decided to take my washing to the British Laundry, and deposited a few lb's of clothes at the tiny window, where even on a Sunday the ladies are scurrying right and left hidden behind piles of bags of garments - most of which belong to the festival adjudicators I think!

I can collect it tomorrow, and have already paid my meagre HK$41, or just over £ will have a draw full of clean clothes by the time I get back from work tomorrow.

7.45am Aaagh!

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