Saturday, 3 March 2012

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, via the MTR

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Studio 2

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Diverse life in Chai Wan, nature and machine

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The clever MTR, each line lights up to let you see exactly where you are!

It is Saturday and tomorrow I have my first day off in the week. I feel like I need a sleep in, but if I do I may sleep around the clock until Monday morning and work again! So a lovely American wind adjudicator and I are going to SHOP. I remember all those years ago when I was last here a gigantic Chinese department store on the famous Nathan Road, Kowloon called Yue Hwa. It seemed to furnish me with all the gifts I could (a Carry, and b) Afford ! So we are braving the MTR to Kowloon and keeping a tight grip on our credit cards!

There is also the Ladies Market in the same ish area, and I suggest that we will also do our bit for Sino British US relations by hitting that market too. One or two of the chaps have looked sheepishly into a shop, but will need to become a good deal more professional in their approach if they are to get anything lovely for their other halves!

I am again back at the Youth Studio today, and what a great place it is. A 14 storey ultra modern building with every available amenity for young people under 19. Not computer games, or TV, but learning libraries, fast Internet, sport, dance and music studios, a cafe, safe shops for school stuff, instruments, sports equipment etc. and all at cost price. There is a concert hall, and around six recital, theatre and Drama studios, and much more that I have not yet found.

I am in one of the drama studios, which has a wonderfully new piano as well as a great acoustic and air conditioning.

You can see from the photograph what a great venue it is, and how good to hold singing competitions in such high quality conditions. I heard a flock of 56 Cuckoo's Courtesy of Martin Shaw, sung by 7 and 8 year olds, and mighty fine they were too. One tiny soul in puffed up pink did actions and as the final phrase ' Goodbye to you' was sung she raised her hand and eyes to the sky and literally watched the bird fly away. I was transfixed, and very moved. It was so gentle, yet so very poignant.

Ah well, on with the motley, and 48 ' I wandered Lonely as a Cloud' words by Wordsworth - now there is a thought, do they have daffodils in Hong Kong ?

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