Thursday, 26 July 2012

Grosvenor - a man of much musical ' Propertee'

Another blazingly hot day here in Sussex. I had my obligatory haircut and an expensive but delicious coffee and light lunch in a favourite coffee shop in town. Petworth is such a gorgeous town, bulging with medieval and Elizabethan buildings, with a deli to die for, a bookshop redolent of Oxford such shops, and a baby Coop which would fit into the Paradise Coop fruit and veg area!

The role of Grosvenor, the attractive and handsome young rival to Bunthorne proved a bit tricky to cast initially. I had booked a young man
sometime ago, a pupil of my old pupil in Durham. There were some problems with him and in the end M and I decided he was best 'sacked' and a brand new Grosvenor was to be found.

I have Masterclassed many of M's pupils over the last few years and one young lady kept leaping into my brain as a perfect 'principal boy' candidate. Then after another session with her most excellent students I was determined that young K was the girl for the job!

She had only the two weeks to fit in, learn all the blocking, the dance routines and interact with the dialogue. She was word and note perfect on arrival, and instantly slid into the comfortable pick and mix that is Inner Sound. They took her to their hearts and she warmly accepted the invitation to become part of the family.

She is really a soprano, but made a lovely job of the rather more mezzo quality of the music. She looked like Cherubino, and she was brimming over with exuberance and joy.

The dialogue was so well paced, and she brought intelligence and great humour to her role.

Talking again about the bond which shone out between these 3 singers, young K had a most astonishing and magnetic ability to connect with her co singers. I have rarely seen such uninhibited connection, especially in a youthful performer.

She was a catalyst in the triad, and she glittered with pleasure. It was a performance of sheer joy and elation.

Thanks K, we loved you, and remember - once a member of Inner Sound, always a member of I................

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