Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lady Jane by permission of the Royal Mail

Well, we are now onboard the beautiful Queen Mary 2. It is almost midday and we have passed the Bishop Rock which, we are told is the true beginning of the traditional route across the Atlantic, by Captain Wells, a rather long and lanky chap with an unnaturally high pitched voice - perhaps he is a counter tenor when out of uniform.  The sun is shining but there is a gorgeous sea breeze.  I am ensconced in the Winter Garden watching the Olympics on a large lecture monitor, which will go on and on and on until we run out of satellite signal !  Drinking a Tropicana non alcoholic cocktail......bliss!  The family are all swimming in the Pavilion Pool, enjoying heavy humidity and lots of boiling water in the jacuzzis, and loving the 'free drinks package'.  W thinks that everything is free because he can go to any bar or restaurant and order all sorts of exotic beverages, many with crushed fruits and lots of ice.  His highly evolved but 5 year old brain bypasses the fact that it was paid for on boarding the liner!  The innocence of youth!

So, who next comes to mind on the principal front?  Lady Jane of course, played magnificently by M, who is not only a previously undiscovered star of stage and screen, but also my post lady! 

She took the stage like a true pro.  Booming in alto dialogue, round and ringing in a deep alto tones and full of the humour of a Scottish Eric Morcambe !

She took Bunthorne's verbal beating like a trooper, and gave him as much as she got, even silencing him at one point with a terrifying point of the index finger.  

M has had lessons for many years now and has always astonished me with her dedication and determination to learn, put into practise, and come up with the goods.  She recently passed her Advanced Recital Certificate from Trinity College of Music.  What an extraordinary feat indeed.  She made me so proud up there, resplendent in vibrant red, ruling the stage, and giving all her younger Lady roles much confidence to respond.

If only she had been scooped up at 15 by some fab teach like Middy (see previous posts!). I am sure there would have been a career in there somewhere.  Many many congratulations Morag.  

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