Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A delicate matter of Skin.....

A sea day today, but with plenty of excitement! The Bay of Biscay was in a state of great agitation, and so all through the night I thought I was going to be rolled right off my bed ! The waves were crashing against the ship so hard it sounded like cannon balls the size of a small car which sent white spume surging higher than my balcony rails. Now I am on deck 8 so that gives you an idea as to how high the clouds of spray were reaching.

I slept with the balcony doors open about 6 inches so I had fresh salt air, and also so that I could hear the sound of the rough sea. I find the air conditioning even worse when I have a cold and throat. Thankfully, although I seem to be sleeping a great deal and have had a slight temperature a couple of times in the day, I am feeling better than yesterday, and hope to feel fit enough to go on a foray into Vigo tomorrow.

I happened upon a seminar this afternoon as I was searching for a quiet place to read. It was by the 'Skin Specialist' from the Spa. She was a young Irish woman with flaming red hair who spoke in a deep brogue at around 120 mph ! Well, I learnt much about my, clearly neglected skin, from the fact that I had five layers of said skin the bottom most layer being the 'baby' and the top lay being 'dead' - charming! We spent time pinching our arms, cheeks and eyes, talking about our darkest 'skin concerns', and being quizzed about our daily skin routines ? At that point I rather wanted to slink out under cover of large waves, as I don't have a skin routine, except that of splashing water to sleepy face on awakening from my Paradise bed.

There were so many very concerned women in the seminar, who quite obviously spent the equivalent of my months' earnings on their skin care products that I suddenly felt a criminal fraudster taking a seat from some poor wretch who needed to bone up on the trade secrets and spend even more filthy lucre on madly expensive creams to stop a 'breakout'. A 'breakout' I panicked, of what ? Smallpox, malaria, yellow fever..........at that point I came to the realisation that maybe I was in the wrong room, and should have checked where the class for the 'idiots guide to threading a sewing machine' was being held. This seminar was very much out of my league and pocket !

I snuck away as if I had a paper bag over my head, to drown my facial sorrows in some International Cafe espresso and fruit tartlets. A near miss I think!

The wind and waves are roughing up as I write, and the sounds are fantastic, like a weird surround sound symphony but with crashes, bangs, whooshes and swoopings. My face is still part of me, still living as far as I can tell, and I have still only dashed it with plain water.

I clearly learnt nothing! Oh well, Spain tomorrow. Ole !

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