Monday, 5 November 2012

Settling in to doing nothing

Having broken out a head cold and sore throat the day I boarded the Grand Princess, I am keeping myself to myself in my yummy balcony cabin for today. I don't want to be accused of starting an epidemic ! The joy of having my first ever balcony is that I can lounge upon it, watch the world go by, have fresh sea air, and chill is luxury indeed.

A cold is usual after a long teaching session, and it did not help that I have been a little under the weather for the last six weeks or so, but if I do all the right things it will be gone by the time we hit Vigo in Spain which I think might be tomorrow!

After the recital and all it's slightly nerve jangling changes, then a two day drive of around 700 miles, combined with two very early mornings from joyful grandchildren, I am feeling in need of some R&R and lots of lovely food!

The ship is gorgeous, and even though it is sailing completely full, there are still arm chairs and sofas free upon which one can lounge with speciality coffee, or an 'organic breakfast tea' complete in a muslin tea bag, which seems a tad OTT but interesting! I bought my Coffee Card, so I could partake of these extras, and that is the only so called extra for which I will pay, as all else that a reasonably demanding and relatively normal person should ever need is provided as part of the whole delightful package. The Louisiana Crab Cakes last night were divine, and my cabin service lunch of a chefs salad which contained strips of smoked ham, turkey breast, Swiss cheese, smoked and roasted beef on top of a salad plus French fries and hot coffee is more than I would ever get in my kitchen in Paradise ! Well unless someone else cooked for me!

My steward is called Dickson and he seems quiet and very efficient, if rather nervous ! I am sure he will realise after a few days that I am very tidy, clean and undemanding ! No comments from those who know me, or else!

The sun is shining, and I am listening to an audio book whilst drinking coffee, sheer decadence, ahhhhh......

Sorry for nothing more interesting, but to me it is utter bliss !


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